TLI31616 – Certificate III in Warehouse Operations

Our TLI31616 – Certificate III in Warehouse Operations qualification reflects the roles in the warehouse and storage industry.

Using a defined range of skilled operations, usually within a range of broader related activities involving known routines, methods and procedures, with some discretion and judgement selecting equipment, services and contingency measures and within known time constraints.

This business course has been developed in consultation with those who work in the industry.

Course Highlights

Upon successfully completing this nationally recognised qualification, you will be able to:

  • Exhibit enhanced workplace communication skills, while working in a team;
  • Identify safe work practices and how to work safely in a warehouse environment; and
  • Understand the day-to-day functions of transport and logistics industry.

Entry Requirements

There are no pre-requisites for this course. However, prior to enrolment, you will be required to provide your:

  • Unique Student Identifier;
  • Photo identification; and we will need to ensure that you
  • Meet the language, literacy and numeracy requirements.

Career Prospects

Successful completion of the TLI31616 – Certificate III in Warehouse Operations, may lead to employment opportunities, such as:

  • General Warehouse Operator;
  • Dispatch Clerk; or
  • Stores Assistant.

Please note: This course provides skills and knowledge to the industry standard, but does not guarantee a job.

Duration & Mode

This qualification can be completed in twelve months. The volume of learning offered by our organisation may vary per student depending on their existing skills and knowledge. More experienced students are likely to complete at the lower end of the volume and less experienced at the higher end.

On average students are required to study a minimum of 25 hours per week consisting of Online Assessments, Self-Directed Study and some Face to Face classes. Each student will be provided with a course delivery schedule including the location of Face to Face classes.

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RTO Info

This nationally recognised qualification, TLI31616 – Certificate III in Warehouse Operations, is delivered and assessed by J2S Training Solutions Pty Ltd:

  • RTO Code: 90940
  • ABN: 66 107 687 196.

To participate in nationally recognised training you will need to have a Unique Student Identifier (USI).

If you do not already have one, please don’t worry. We will gladly help you to create your own, which you will be able to use for all future training.

Alternatively, you can create your own USI. The whole process is very easy and shouldn’t take any longer than several minutes to complete. To create your own, simply click onto the external links below:

How will I be Assessed?

Because this is a nationally recognised qualification, you will need to be formally assessed. We use a range of assessment methods for this qualification, including:

  • Short answers;
  • Projects; and
  • Workplace Observation or Observation in a Simulated Workplace.
Work Placement
  • The training program includes 75 hours of industry / work placement.
NSW Fees

This training is subsidised by the NSW Government.

  • Exemption: $0
  • Concession: $240
  • First Qualification: $2,410
  • Second Qualification: $2,900

The fees for the course will vary based on the eligibility criteria. For more information please visit

What if I’m not eligible for subsidised training?

Should you be ineligible for a government subsidised place, Stride Learning offers this exact qualification under our fee-for-service (FFS) arrangement.

For more information about this payment option, simply tap on our Fee for Service tab, to learn more.

  • Stride Learning’s registered training organisations (RTOs) do not accept upfront payments of more than $1,500. If a student’s fee is more than this amount, the support of a flexible payment plan will be offered to students.
Fee for Service

If you are ineligible for government subsidised training, or would rather undertake this course on a fee-for-service (FFS) basis, the cost to undertake this nationally recognised qualification is:

  • $3,400
  • This qualification is available on a fee-for-service basis in: NSW, VIC, QLD, SA, WA, TAS, NT and the ACT.
  • Stride Learning’s registered training organisations (RTOs) do not accept upfront payments of more than $1,500. If a student’s fee is more than this amount, the support of a flexible payment plan will be offered to students.
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The Units of Competency are

This course contains 19 Units of Competency. Click to reveal.

This qualification consist of 19 units of competency, as illustrated below. Please call Stride Learning for enquiries about customisation and contextualisation:

  • BSBWOR301 – Organise personal work priorities and development (E)
  • BSBDIV301 – Work effectively with diversity (E)
  • BSBWHS301 – Maintain workplace safety (E)
  • TLIF1001 – Follow work health and safety procedures (C)
  • TLIL1001 – Complete workplace orientation/induction procedures (C)
  • BSBCUS301 – Deliver and monitor a service to customers (E)
  • TLIF0001 – Apply chain of responsibility legislation, regulations and workplace procedures (C)
  • TLIF3003 – Implement and monitor work health and safety procedures (E)
  • TLIF3004 – Organise work health and safety procedures in the workplace (E)
  • BSBCMM301 – Process customer complaints (E)
  • TLIA3018 – Organise despatch operations (E)
  • TLIA3019 – Organise receival operations (E)
  • TLIA3015 – Complete receival /despatch documentation (E)
  • TLIA3016 – Use inventory systems to organise stock control (E)
  • TLIA3026 – Monitor storage facilities (E)
  • TLIA3039 – Receive and store stock (E)
  • TLIA3017 – Identify products and store to specifications (E)
  • TLIE3004 – Prepare workplace documents (E)
  • TLIG3002- Lead a work team or group (E)


(C) – Core unit; (E) – Elective unit


Stride Learning RTOs and staff are fully committed to offering the most appropriate study opportunity to each individual. People from all backgrounds and those with a disability are welcomed to apply. We will endeavour to meet your specific learning need, which may require us to refer you to a more suitable course and provider.

If you are residing in NSW or QLD, you may be eligible to be subsidised for some or all of your training fees and charges. Please contact us to determine your eligibility.

Please note: different state governments have different policies on the number – and range of training – that may be subsidised. We will check and advise you when you call us. For example, by undertaking a qualification subsidised by the QLD government, under the Certificate 3 Guarantee or Higher Skills Programs, you will no longer be eligible for another government subsidised place at that level.

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