The Stride Story

Stride Learning is the trademark for National Skills Academy Pty Ltd (ABN: 29 162 536 558), which is the parent company for the following Registered Training Organisations (RTOs):

  • Work Savvy Training Pty Ltd (RTO Code: 91778; ABN: 20 132 057 384),

  • J2S Training Solutions Pty Ltd (RTO Code: 90940; ABN: 66 107 687 196), and

  • Aurora Training & Professional Services Pty Ltd (RTO Code: 90966; ABN: 39 109 662 606).

Our Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) comply with quality assurance and assessment standards agreed by Federal, State and Territory Governments in Australia.

The registering authority, ASQA, monitors all RTOs and subjects them to regular external audits to verify adherence to these standards.

Important note

It will be the responsibility of the RTO, which you elect to enrol through, to deliver your training and assessment. This includes issuing your qualification or statement of attainment upon satisfactory completion of your course requirements.

Our Expertise

Stride Learning has developed significant training and assessment resources to support the various Training Packages. It also develops materials specifically for customers and clients with special requirements.

Our expertise lies in providing excellent, inspiring training solutions that are informed by our connections with industry and delivered by our exceptional learning and facilitation specialists.

All our education solutions are built with our client and student Journey in mind, with a particular focus on the outcome being sought by the individual or client. Our current focus industries include:

  • Child Care;
  • Aged Care;
  • Work, Health & Safety
  • Project Management
  • Business and Leadership;
  • Customer Service;
  • Warehousing and Logistics; and
  • Financial and Professional Services.

We have a suite of cross industry qualifications that cover specialist areas. These include: customer service, leadership, sales, management and business.

Using third parties

From time to time, and where state funding arrangements permit, Stride Learning uses other parties who are experts in supporting potential learners to select the most suitable RTO that meets their needs. We call these, ‘third parties’.

In addition, Stride Learning works closely with employment service agencies, such as job active and DES providers, to support jobseekers reach their potential.